Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sponsorship Opportunities

Walk to Cure Diabetes

Walk to Cure Diabetes is the fastest growing fundraising event in the history of JDRF. Raising more than $70 million a year at more than 180 sites in the Unites States and dozens more in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, Europe, Asia and Latin America, it is truly a national and international event.

JDRF Galas

These premier events held annually by most of our 100 chapters and affiliates in the United States and abroad. Average attendance is 750 and they are often covered in the local media. These events generated more than $28 million last year.

JDRF Golf Tournaments

JDRF sponsors golf tournaments in more than 60 communities across the United States and Canada. In 2002, we will be launching a linked series of golf events that will feature the involvement and support of major PGA and LPGA stars that have a connection to diabetes.

The Ride to Cure Diabetes

This JDRF sponsored 100-mile bike ride featured more than 300 riders completing a "century" course in Death Valley, California in November 2001. In 2002, it has expanded to 1,000 riders at Monterey and Death Valley, California and Austin, Texas. Riders include people with diabetes and others whose loved ones have been affected by the disease, and, increasingly, corporate team riders whose companies are supporting the search for a cure.

The JDRF Research Associates Program

JDRF has launched a monthly giving program that provides individuals with the opportunity to contribute directly to support of one of our research centers. Donor's contributions, deducted automatically from their checking accounts, are applied directly to one of our university-based centers that are the focal point of the search for a cure. JDRF is seeking corporate support in outreach activities to potential donors through the use of subsidized mailings and in employee giving campaigns.

Cause Related Marketing/Logo Licensing

JDRF collaborates with a variety of cause-related marketing efforts in which the Foundation is identified on packaging, at the point of sale or in the promotion of a product or service, with a percentage of the transaction being allocated to JDRF. We have also facilitated cross-promotional projects with multiple corporate partners, allowing everyone to benefit through access to new markets.